A condition of enrolment at Ƶ is adherence to the school rules and policies, which foster a culture of respect, excellence and diversity.

Compulsory Uniform

A compulsory uniform policy for students encourages a sense of identity and pride in both themselves and the College.

Our Student Engagement Guidelines foster an understanding of individual rights, responsibilities and consequences in order to develop authentic relationships and a positive school culture.

Our Student Wellbeing team works to improve the health and wellbeing of students. This includes an on-campus youth worker, Student Counsellor, Psychologist and Health Educator.

Accidents and Incidents Reporting Policy (pdf)

Attendance Policy (pdf)

Bullying and Harassment Policy (pdf)

Child Protection Reporting Policy (pdf)

Child Safe Standards: Code of Conduct (pdf)

Mobile Phone Policy (pdf)

Student Dress Code (pdf)

Parent Payment Schedule - Year 7

Parent Payment Schedule - Year 8

Parent Payment Schedule - Year 9

Parent Payment Schedule - Year 10

Parent Payment Schedule - Year 11

Parent Payment Schedule - Year 12

Refund Policy (pdf)

Information to schools and parents regarding Head Lice (pdf)


In order to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all members of the Ƶ community, certain behavioural expectations must be adhered to by all.

To ensure bullying does not occur, the College has created a shared understanding of what constitutes bullying behaviour and has developed a proactive approach to bullying prevention.

‘Bullying is when someone, or a group of people, upset or create a risk to another person’s health and safety — either psychologically or physically — or their property, reputation or social acceptance on more than one occasion.’

The College acknowledges that school is an important setting for the socialisation of young people, and the values and attitudes gained during secondary education are crucial for the well-being of adolescents as they move towards adulthood.