Principal’s message




To all families who are considering enrolling their children at Ƶ I say that I believe you are making an excellent choice!

We aim to provide the very best for every student. From their first day, our students are embraced in a supportive and secure learning environment.

  • We provide a positive student learning experience for all students through the creation of a personalised learning environment, via shared effective learning and a culture of high expectation and high achievement across the College.
  • We cater to individual students’ learning styles and the rate at which they learn to improve their results in the classroom.
  • We engage and foster the wellbeing of each student through a teaching and learning culture founded on positive relationships that encourages and supports students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • We provide transition programs and pathways for students as they move through the College and beyond. This occurs through the development of authentic learning pathways which respond to the varying values, needs and interests of our students, and building a significant social and academic working relationship with the College’s associated Primary Schools.

At Ƶ we truly live our values in all aspects of school life:

Respect — We recognise the thoughts, feelings and concerns of others, interact with them in a sensitive and considerate way and value their contribution. Through respect for others and self we can make our world a more harmonious place for all.

Excellence — Students gain a sense of satisfaction and develop feelings of self worth when they experience achievement and success. We promote high expectations, encourage a desire to do one’s best and aim to continually improve.

Diversity — We value individual difference, ensure equal access to opportunities and provide support for our diverse communities. Embracing the diversity of humanity adds richness to our lives.

The benchmark in planning the future direction of our College is to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students, and to provide students, parents, staff and the wider community with the opportunity to be involved in creating our future.

I look forward to you visiting our school.

John Baston
College Principal